Mohs (Skin Cancer) Surgery


Mohs (Skin Cancer) Surgery

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Mohs (Skin Cancer) Surgery

Mohs surgery, named after Dr. Frederic Mohs who developed the technique, is a specialized surgical procedure primarily used for the treatment of skin cancer. It is a precise and highly effective technique that aims to remove skin cancer while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.

The procedure is performed in stages, where the surgeon removes thin layers of tissue one at a time and immediately examines them under a microscope. This process allows for real-time assessment of the tissue margins, ensuring complete removal of cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. The surgeon continues removing layers until no cancer cells are detected.

Mohs surgery is commonly used for basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which are the most common types of skin cancer. It has the highest cure rate and provides excellent cosmetic outcomes, making it particularly beneficial for skin cancers located in cosmetically sensitive areas, such as the face.

At the California Dermatology Institute, our skilled dermatology providers are experienced in performing Mohs surgery and are dedicated to providing the highest level of care. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced laboratory capabilities ensure precise and accurate examination of tissue samples, resulting in optimal treatment outcomes for our patients.

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Nice staff. Efficient operation. The office manager told me they are developing a detailed breakdown of charges so patients can see who is paying and how much will be their responsibility. For me, patient care was top notch.

Mike Crawford

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Professional, kind, caring, everyone takes time to listen and hear what patients are asking and give honest feedback that helps patient understand their personal information.

Katie MacMillan.

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Communication is great and the service is wonderful. Had both an in person and phone appt with Logan and I loved her. If you need a dermatologist, I recommend them.

Lori Kramer

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