Hemangiomas Treatment


Hemangiomas, also known as strawberry marks, are noncancerous growths that develop in the skin or other tissues. They are usually present at birth or appear within the first weeks of life, and they typically disappear by the age of 10. 

Hemangiomas present themselves as raised, red skin marks that may have a rubbery feel. They are prominent on the head and neck and vary in the size, shape and color values of their appearance. They rarely require any medical treatment; however, in some cases, medical intervention may be warranted if the hemangioma presents a cosmetic challenge (large and visible), or if it starts to change shape or color or starts to bleed.

At the California Dermatology Institute, our dermatology providers specialize in the evaluation and management of hemangiomas. We provide comprehensive assessments to determine the type, location, and potential complications associated with hemangiomas.

Treatment for hemangiomas may include observation, medication, or surgical removal, depending on the size, location, and functional impairment caused by the growth. Our dermatology providers will carefully evaluate your hemangioma, discuss the available treatment options, and recommend the most appropriate approach based on your individual circumstances.

We understand the impact that hemangiomas can have on physical appearance and emotional well-being, particularly when they occur on visible areas of the body. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.

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Very satisfied with health care service. My skin conditions has greatly improved with recommend, prescription medication. Many thanks, California Dermatology Institute for your care and concern.

Leechelle D.

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I’ve only been twice so far. But I’m impressed on the efficiently and quality of care I was shown. I would highly recommend them

Vikkijo H.

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Excellent staff and doctors. They treat me like family whenever I come in. I highly recommend Ca.Derm.Inst.

Robert Koser

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